Ambay Immune Sensors & Controls, LLC
Technical Innovation Center, Hagerstown, Maryland

About Us

Ambay Immune Sensors and Controls (AISC) is working to bring about

·         A revolution in early detection of diseases

·         Speeding up the discovery process by developing new research kits and providing technical and professional services

Revolution in Early Detection of Diseases:  Our mission is “Catch it before it catches you”.  Our thrust is to detect the disease even before symptoms appear, by developing a new approach through innovative technologies, to revolutionize diagnosis.  In many cases, the disease remains undetected till it reaches an advanced state, making the use of preventive measures limited.  The signs of onset of different catastrophic diseases at cellular levels manifest themselves much earlier than the appearance of symptoms or the time they are detected.  Our premise is to detect the earliest point of conception of a disease, via changes in Immuno-Biochemical Signals in blood.  Our initial disease focus is in the area of cancers and specifically, breast cancer.

Breast cancer: Breast cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in women.  About 250,000 women are diagnosed each year with breast cancer in the United States, resulting in over 40,000 deaths annually.

Every woman is at risk for developing breast cancer, and this needs to be particularly emphasized in the context of younger women.  Currently, mammography is the most widely accepted screening protocol for early detection of breast cancer but it has its own limitations when it comes to early detection in young and premenopausal women and carries the risk of greater false positives for women of ages 40-49.  The only remaining option for a woman under 40 with no direct family history of breast cancer is to perform regular self breast exams to assess her risk.

Currently, we are developing a cost effective sensing technology for designing a novel sensor for early detection of breast cancer in blood which will not only overcome the limitations of mammography but also provide additional benefits.
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