Ambay Immune Sensors & Controls, LLC
Technical Innovation Center, Hagerstown, Maryland


AISC is committed to bringing you a consistently high quality of service.  Through Ambay, you can speed up your research and discovery process by making use of specific services we provide in different areas

The following services are currently available:

Technical Services

Protein Biochemistry & Enzymology     
Protein purification and characterization, western blot, assay development

llispot, ELISA, Flow cytometry, Functional immune cell assay, Intracellular staining, nitric oxide and oxidative burst measurements.

Molecular Biology
Quantitative and real time PCR, Cloning, Gene expression & Protein expression.


Customized needs                                      
Ambay can accommodate your specific needs for specific projects


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Professional Services   
Ambay can provide you expert guidance and consulting services to assist with the analysis and interpretation of your flow cytometry results, developing an outline of the project to delineate and explore the potential signaling components involved in specific processes.

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